Sell Viva Vitamins

Sell Viva Vitamins, And Join A Growing Family!


How to Sell Viva Vitamins

Why Sell Viva Vitamins?

We are a national brand that offers you a host of benefits that NO OTHER brand offers. If you are looking for a supplement company to provide you with the highest quality products on the market backed by research and years of experience AND a brand that supports you by offering competitive margins and NO price competition anywhere…then look no further!

While every other brand has the intent of going main stream and will use you to build their brand, then sell off…only to be sold in every mass market chain, online, etc. and undercut you on price…Viva Vitamins is there to act as a steady, loyal brand. We will provide you with an opportunity to balance your portfolio of products, grow wellness sales like never before, capitalize on your customer loyalty, earn more money on every sale AND an opportunity to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from your competition. Is there any other brand out there rooting for YOUR long term success?

What Makes Viva Vitamins Different?

  • We are not another “me too” for your shelves, we are not just another private label. We have decades of experience and proven, UNIQUE formulas that work because they are more pure and potent.
  • Your customers won’t be able to find these specialties in another label!
  • We DON’T compete with you on PRICE anywhere! How do we do that? We hand select licensed retailers to carry our products and then we offer you exclusivity so that your customers MUST RETURN TO YOU TO PURCHASE.
  • We provide you and your staff with free education and marketing materials that will help you best serve your loyal and valued customers.
  • The more you succeed, the more we succeed. We want a happy, profitable family!

How Will YOUR Vitamin Store Be Different?

How will you compete against the big box “wellness centers” and online discount houses? Why not give the customers something better…something different from everyone else and something that you can treat as an in-house brand? How many products are you currently selling that a customer CAN’T find at Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and other big online retailers? We don’t want to do the same thing that everybody else is doing… We want to do what is best for the customer. We want to support the retailers who share that mission and vision.